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Eastbury Community School

Adverse Weather

Severe Weather Conditions/Services Failure

There are occasions when severe weather conditions prevail or failure of services or major incident occurs which may affect the operation of the school day. If such circumstances occur, staff, parents and students need to be aware of the procedure to be followed.


It is important accurate information is available from an appropriate source in order that staff, parents and students know where to access and follow the information provided.

As far as possible it is the school’s intention to remain open unless circumstances prevent the school from operating.


To provide guidelines to staff, parents and students covering a range of possible scenarios affecting the ability of the school to operate.


Unless the school has been closed following an announcement by the Executive Headteacher or member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team, it must be assumed that the school remains open.

In the event of severe weather conditions staff, parents and students may contact the following to ascertain whether the school is open or closed or operating in some modified form:

  • School’s main phone line answer phone
  • School’s website
  • Local radio Stations

o Time FM 107.5 FM

o Essex Radio FM 96.3 FM

o BBC Essex Radio FM 95.3 FM/103.5 FM

  • Contacting the school via a direct phone line to speak with the PA for the Executive Head, Head of Primary or a member of the school’s Senior Leadership Team. Only this designated group is authorised to provide a statement upon the operational status of the school.

In cases where weather conditions delay attending school, a register will be available at the main reception for colleagues to sign on arrival. Staff must ensure that they use the site with extreme caution and wear suitable footwear and clothing. Staff and students must only use the entrance in the Main Building, near Reception. Car parks are to be used at the risk of staff. The site staff will ensure there are suitable pathways to enter and exit the building through the main building only. Site use and updates will be made available on the intranet and internal email system throughout the period of inclement weather.

Following closure of the school during a school day staff, parents and students will be expected to follow the guidelines described above under severe weather conditions for the next day.

In addition to severe weather conditions there may be occasions when the school suffers a service failure. This can take a number of forms including fire, electricity, gas, water, heating etc. Any of these service facilities may affect the school to operate. Guidelines for such possible failures are those described for severe weather conditions.

It is more apparent when severe weather conditions occur than a localised service failure. The school will make every effort to inform staff, parents and students about such failure and the status of the school under these circumstances using the guidelines described above.

Every effort is made to determine the best and safest decision on cancelling or not cancelling school because of adverse weather. Please take the time to read this information. Taking the time to acquaint ourselves with the procedures of the policy will assure the safety of our students.


School Cancellation - If the decision is made to cancel school please refer to the websites detailed below or the borough's school status page. All decisions will be made by the Executive Headteacher with full consultation with the governing body.

Early Release - If school is in session and hazardous conditions develop during the day, a decision may be made to dismiss students early.


Eastbury Comprehensive School uses both a website and a phone number to pass on information to staff and students in the event of a school closure. The school’s DCSF number is 3014021.