Our mission statement is 'Creating opportunities that allow all members of the school community to realise their full potential'. Excellence, Collaboration, Success. We recognise that success comes in many forms. We value the unique talents and attributes our pupils have and aim to create an environment where these unique talents can be developed, within a community that has a culture of respect, inclusivity and ambition

At Eastbury, we are proud of our educational philosophy. We are aware that our pupils, your children, cannot flourish in school if they do not feel secure and content. This is the foundation upon which the school ethos is built.  How does this manifest itself daily - We embed conduct that is conducive to learning and this requires all pupils to adhere to our school rules, which are in place for the benefit and safety of all.

General Behaviour

  • All students are responsible, at all times, for the good name of the School.   Any action, at school or elsewhere (including the internet), which might harm its reputation will be treated seriously.
  • Good behaviour must be observed in school and public places, especially on all journeys to and from school. Students should be ambassadors of the school whilst wearing the school uniform.
  • Students must arrive for lessons prepared to learn and follow the classroom code.
  • Respect must be shown to peers and staff at all times.
  • Students exhibiting good behaviour will be rewarded with merits – full details can be found in the rewards policy.


  • In corridors and on staircases there must be no running or shouting; Students should keep to the left.
  • Be respectful to all adults and visitors to the school.
  • Students must be respectful of all school property whilst on and off-site. Any Student responsible for the wilful damage of school property will receive appropriate sanctions. They will be expected to pay for damages and the police may be involved.
  • Ball games should take place on the playing field or the designated hard play areas e.g. Basketball court.
  • Students must not drop litter anywhere but place it into the bins available around the school site.
  • During school hours, plated meals may be consumed only in the Canteen and only during morning break and the lunch period. All plates and litter must be cleared before leaving the canteen.
  • Students must not have or use cigarettes, alcohol, solvents or drugs. Abuse of this rule may result in exclusion.The possession or use of electronic cigarettes or any other items related to the use of banned substances are strictly prohibited.
  • Any student that is found with a weapon on site or item that could be used to cause harm to others will be recommended for permanent exclusion. We reserve the right to confiscate any item that may contribute to an investigation relating to a behavioural matter. Mobile phones may be confiscated for an unspecified length of time. Contacts and other messages or data on the phone may be accessed and shared with outside bodies including the police.
  • Students will not stop the learning of others through disruptive or deliberately rude behaviour.


  • Bullying can be defined as behaviour deliberately intended to cause distress. All Students will be encouraged to report bullying. This includes cyber-bullying whether it originates from devices inside or outside the school.
  • No form of intimidation, bullying or harassment will be accepted in or out of school. Parents and staff will be informed and/or involved in the resolution to any incident of bullying.
  • All staff and Students should be vigilant, both inside class and out, and parents should not delay in contacting the school if they have a concern in this area.
  • Everyone in the school is to be treated with respect and of equal value whether or not they are disabled or have special needs,   whatever their race, ethnicity, culture, religious affiliation, beliefs, national origin or national status. irrespective of their gender and/or gender identity,  irrespective of their sexual orientation,  irrespective of their socio-economic background or age.

Uniform and Property

  • Boys: straight black trousers, black shoes, plain white shirt (polo shirt in summer term), tie (of appropriate length), black Eastbury blazer.
  • Girls: plain black skirt (knee length), plain white shirt, tie (of appropriate length), black Eastbury blazer, plain black tights, black shoes.
  • Students must not have any visible piercings, wear excessive make up, wear any hooded tops and/or wear outdoor coats when on school property or wear trainers/plimsoll/canvas shoes.
  • Students should come to and leave school smartly dressed every day, set and sustain a good example of personal smartness and behaviour. It is important to maintain a good impression both inside and outside of the school.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted on the school premises.
  • Each Student is responsible for his/her clothing and property, including bags.
  • Each Student is responsible for the safety of his/her money and other valuables.
  • Excessive sums of money and valuable items should not be brought to school.
  • Mobile phones are not to be seen or heard on the school premises. Emergency calls can be made from a school phone.
  • The school takes no responsibility for personal possessions brought onto site by Students.

Classroom Equipment

Each student should have the following equipment during every lesson, including form time.  


  • 2 black/blue pens  
  • 1 green pen 
  • 1 pencil 
  • Rubber  
  • Ruler  
  • Sharpener  
  • Reading book 


  • Highlighter pen 
  • Glue stick  

Consequence for not having all essential equipment  

First time: 15-minute detention 

Second time: 30-minute detention  

Third time: 60-minute department detention 

We understand that some students may need to be provided with equipment. Please speak to your Tutor/YCC if this is the case.

Attendance and Punctuality

  • School hours are from 8.40am until 3.05pm. The expectation is that students will be in registration or assembly by 8:40am.
  • Any student late to school will serve a 30 minute detention after school on the same day. If missed, unless for a valid reason and with parent communication, this will rollover the following day to a one hour detention. Students late to lessons are sanctioned by their subject teacher.
  • No Student may be absent from timetabled periods or registration without the written permission of a member of staff.
  • In cases of illness or lateness, parents are asked to telephone the school before 8.30am to communicate a reason for absence, and the Student should always return to school with an explanatory letter from a parent or a doctor. Students are expected to catch up on any work missed due to absence.
  • No Student may leave the school grounds during school hours without the permission of a member of staff and they also ensure that they have signed out at reception.
  • Leave of absence from school can be granted only after a prior written letter to the school from a Student’s parent/guardian. Such requests should only be made in exceptional circumstances or for medical matters. Parents are not allowed to take Students out of school during term time.
  • Students must leave the premises after school unless they are engaged in authorised activities or have a member of staff’s permission to remain later.


  • Each student must sign an Acceptable User Policy before using the school network.
  • Each Student has his or her network user ID and password, for which they are responsible and which must be kept secret.
  • Students must not engage in any activity that may compromise the school, the system or the work of others.
  • Unacceptable or offensive material must not be accessed, downloaded, created or sent. This includes material of a libellous, violent, racist or pornographic nature.
  • Refer to the behaviour policy on the full range of consequences and sanctions.