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Eastbury Community School

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Eastbury Sixth Form Careers Programme 

At Eastbury Sixth form we are committed to providing our students with a well-planned programme of careers education for all students providing information, advice and guidance that is impartial and prepares students for the challenges of Higher education and adult and working life.  

What are our aims? 

Our aim is to nurture and guide our students beyond their studies and give them effective support to begin their professional careers and join the wider world. 

Our aims include providing:

  • Work placement opportunities 
  • Preparation for interviews 
  • Raising student aspirations 
  • Develop core employability skills 

Enrichment Opportunities 

Here at Eastbury sixth form, we believe that the development of student’s contributions to the local community and the wider world to be of great significance. Engaging with the local community and developing student wellbeing is an important developmental process in enriching our students’ chances and outlook to embrace opportunities around them. 

First Give – First Give is a charity that works with supporters and partner schools to inspire young people to make a positive change in society. The First Give programme is designed to ignite a spark of social conscience in students at Eastbury. It is interactive, engaging and fun for students of all attainment levels. During the programme Students engage with local charity partners: raising awareness, campaigning and donating at least £1,000 to the winning class’s charity. The programme helps to develop various skills that students may need for their future careers, including teamwork, marketing, presentation and campaigning skills.   

Enrichment lessons – A diverse curriculum as such support’s students with  

  • The transition from GCSE to A Level curriculum needs and develop independent study techniques. 
  • Personal Social Health Economic (PSHE) lessons focussing on student wellbeing to support them with staying healthy and prepared for life. 
  • Post 16 options supporting students with applications for University, Apprenticeships and Work. 
  • Exploring key themes such as religious observances and celebrating the wide range of diversity within our school such as culture day. 

Insight week 

All of our sixth formers are provided with extensive support in preparation for the next stage of the academic and professional careers. This is most evident during our Insight Week in which students are supported through activities led by guest speakers, organisations and staff to prepare students for University/Apprenticeship and work placement applications. Such activities include … 

  • Mock Interviews 
  • Employability Skills 
  • CV writing workshops 
  • Personal statement workshops 
  • Financial skills training