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Eastbury Community School

Law (AS)

Course Summary​ 

The course encourages students to appreciate law in real-world situations through an understanding of the main principles of the law of England and Wales. Students develop analysis and problem-solving skills and learn to communicate legal argument.​ 

Studying this subject helps students to use relevant knowledge and understanding, analyse and learn to apply legal concepts, principles and rules to a range of situations, and communicate an argument through problem-solving and evaluative writing. These transferable skills equip students in a wide range of subjects and real-world situations. ​ 

How will students be assessed?​ 

Paper 1  - 50% of the AS Level ​ 

English Legal System ​ 

1 hour 30 minutes 75 marks ​ 

Section A: five compulsory questions. There are four short answer questions and one extended answer question.​ 

Section B: two essays from a choice of three. There are two parts to each essay. ​ 


Paper 2 - 50% of the AS Level​ 

Criminal Law ​ 

1 hour 30 minutes 60 marks ​ 

Section A: one compulsory scenario-based problem question using source material. There are three parts to the question. ​ 

Section B: one question from a choice of two. There are two parts to the question: on 

What will Students Study​ 

English legal system

1.1 Principles and sources of English law​ 

1.2 Machinery of justice​ 

1.3 Legal personnel​ 


2 Criminal law​ 

2.1 Elements of a crime​ 

2.2 Offences against property​ 

2.3 Sentencing in England and Wales 


Complimentary subjects​ 

  • History​ 
  • Politics​ 
  • Maths​ 
  • Economics ​ 
  • Languages​ 
  • Business​ 
  • Sociology​ 
  • Psychology​ 
  • English​ 
  • Science  


  • Parliament 
  • Supreme Court 
  • Kingsley Napley Law competition 
  • Mooting at QMUL