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Eastbury Community School


Nursery- London


Welcome to London Class!

We are thrilled to invite you to join our journey in London Class. Our dedicated team of three passionate staff members is committed to making learning a fun and enjoyable experience for our youngest learners.

Follow our class page each week to witness the exciting and vibrant activities our Nursery children are engaged in. 

From exploring different themes to discovering new skills, we believe in providing an inclusive, stimulating, and nurturing environment that promotes holistic development. Our class page will be your window into their creative journey.

Join us on this incredible educational voyage and stay tuned for updates, insights, and smile-inducing stories from London Class! 

Autumn Learning Journey 

Term 1

Welcome to Eastbury to all the new children and parents.

Week 1 & 2 
We have had a great couple of weeks where children have settled in fantastically well. We have been learning each other’s names and starting to make new friends.  Check out the lovely learning that has been taking place in our indoor and outdoor provision.

 Week 3 

The topic for this term is 'All About Me'. We have been enjoying getting to know our new children and finding out about their, families, likes and dislikes. See below the lovely family portraits drawn by our young artists.

 Week 4 

Rainbow Fish

We have been reading the much loved classic 'Rainbow fish'. It explores the topic of sharing, friendships and being kind. The children had fun creating the main character using different materials.  


Please enjoy this short snippet of Aairah retelling the story



 Week 5 

Here at Eastbury Community, we are extremely lucky to have a specialist language teacher. The children are learning Spanish from Nursery- Y6. Please enjoy this short snippet of our Nursery children learning the days of the week in Spanish.



Week 6 

Nursery has had a fantastic first term here at Eastbury. I am so proud of how far they have come since joining us in September. We shared and celebrated the children's personal achievements and spoke about the exciting learning that will take place next term. 

Autumn Celebration 

We had lots of fun celebrating Autumn. The children did some investigating to find out what's inside of a pumpkin and they also created lovely art work using acorns. 



Term 2

Welcome to Autumn 2. Our little ones have done amazingly well settling back into the school routine. It has been lovely hearing what they got up to during the half term holiday.

The theme for this term is 'Superheroes & Celebrations'.

Week 1- Numeracy

All the children in Nursery are confident in reciting numbers. We recite numbers daily whether its through singing Nursery rhymes, counting how many children are in each session or as a brain gym activity. The next step is for the children to start counting using 1-1 correspondence. 1-1 correspondence involves learning how to count a group of objects by assigning one number to each object and only counting each object once. In nursery we use unfix cubes, numicons, counting bears as well as everyday objects to facilitate this. During this weeks focus task, the children counted the circles presented on their page. They counted the numbers out loud using 1-1 correspondence and were then challenged to write the numeral next to it.  Fantastic work!

Week 2- Remembrance day

To celebrate and honour the superheroes who fought in WW1, the children made Poppy themed biscuits. We discussed the significance of Remembrance day during carpet time and the children shared one brave thing they do at home. This included trying new food and sleeping in their own rooms! After the carpet session, it was time to make the yummy treats. This was a great activity to develop the children's fine motor skills as they activated their small muscles to mix, pour and spread the red icing mixture. This activity also strengthened their hand- eye coordination skills. As the children ate their biscuits, they were reminded that eating too much sugar was bad for them but eating small amounts on occasion was ok.

Parliment week

It's never too early to teach the children about democracy. As a Rights Respecting school, it's extremely important that we instil this value from the very start. At the end of each session, the children take a vote on which story they would like to listen to. They are given the option of two story books and then are asked to place their counter in front of their chosen book.  The book with the most vote gets read by the class teacher. 

To celebrate UK Parliment week, we discussed two serious issues; Road safety and Littering. The children were able to give fantastic examples of what could happen if they are not careful when crossing the road and were able to identify the correct way to discard their rubbish. At the end of the discussion, a vote was taken and it was decided that Road Safety was the issue that must be taken up up to a higher level. 

Week 3

The children had a great time this week celebrating Diwali and Children in Need! 

Diwali is one of the largest festivals celebrated as part of the Hindu religion. Teaching children and allowing them to experience other religions and cultures is important to creating a diverse and understanding community.  It also enables children to feel valued, supported and respected, with this comes confident children and learners.

Children in need

Children in Need is a charity that provides grants and funding to projects based in the UK that have the aim of helping disadvantaged young people. This help comes in a wide variety of forms. For example, a lot of Children in Need’s invaluable work involves supporting charities that help children who have been affected by poverty, disabilities, abuse, and mental health difficulties. In Nursery, the children came dressed up in yellow or spotty clothes and took part in fun Pudsey themed activities. 

We would also like to thank all the parents and carers who donated generously to the cause. 


Week 4 

Our core text for the past two weeks has been Kipper's Birthday, written by Mick Inkpen. It ties perfectly with our Celebration topic and the children had great fun planning their party.  We’ve talked about birthday parties, made party invitations, designed bunting decorations and ended it by eating yummy birthday treats just like Kipper!

 Healthy eating 

The children explored the concept of healthy eating. We discussed the benefits of eating healthy and the consequences of eating unhealthy food. The children then had a go at  categorising some food during indoor free flow. We also explored the concept of moderation. The children understood that it is okay to eat food that are considered unhealthy in moderation.

For our full time children, we have introduced daily brushing after lunch. Early intervention in the early years is vital for improved outcomes in the short and long term and will positively impact across the life course of the child. We’re aiming that daily tooth brushing in Nursery will promote good oral hygiene routine, establish good brushing techniques and help prevent dental disease and its consequences (pain, infections, bleeding gums, bad breath and difficulty eating).

Week 6

Our pupils have been excitedly immersing themselves in the holiday spirit. Keep tuned to see what other exciting activities lie ahead as we continue to celebrate this magical season!


In Numeracy, we have been exploring the concept of size. The children had fun ordering objects from small to big and they also explored the size 'medium'. To deepen their understanding , we read Goldilocks and the 3 bears and which illustrates different sizes really well! 

Christmas cards

Our parents and carers are in for a treat as the children have been busy making Christmas cards for them.  They did a fantastic job painting a snowman! Whilst their snowman was drying, the children had a go at writing their names for the card insert. Some children were able to copy the names directly into the insert whilst others had a go at tracing their names first. 


Outdoor play

It has been very cold and wet recently but that did not stop our children having fun outside! 

Week 7

Christmas concert  -  The children put in a lot of effort to learn the Christmas songs and actions for their parents to watch. They did so well and mad3e everybody proud.


Spring Learning Journey 

Term 1

Week 1

Welcome back to a new term of fun and learning at Eastbury Community School!

The children were buzzing with excitement this morning as they reunited with their friends and shared all the adventures they had during the holidays. From family trips to festive activities, everyone had a tale to tell! 

In the classroom, they dove right into the joy of playing together, taking turns, and helping tidy up. It's wonderful to see the strong bonds of friendship developing among our pupils. 

But that's not all! This term, our little adventurers will be exploring the fascinating world of Transportation. Get ready for a journey full of discovery and exploration!

Today, the children also learned an exciting fact about colours. They discovered that when two primary colours are mixed together, a whole new colour is created! 🎨 Who knew learning could be so much fun?




Week 2

Transportation Fun at School! 

Calling all parents! We've had an amazing week filled with exciting activities all about Transportation

Our little ones have been buzzing with excitement as they explored different modes of transport, learning how they work and why they're important. From cars and buses to helicopters and trains, the children have been fully immersed in this fascinating topic!

But that's not all... during our PSED carpet session, we also had a heartwarming discussion about friendship and its significance. The children shared stories about their wonderful friends and what makes these relationships so special.

To celebrate their friends, the children took part in an adorable group activity where they drew portraits of their buddies. It was absolutely adorable to witness their creativity and love for their pals!

Week 3

Hello parents and guardians! 

We're thrilled to share what our little ones have been up to this week in their exciting "On the Move" topic. One of our main focuses was on the thrilling means of transportation - the bus! 

Our creative kids have had a blast with various bus-themed activities. They've expressed their artistic flair by coloring and decorating buses, using their fine motor skills to cut and stick different parts of the bus. We were also impressed with their imagination as they drew their very own versions of buses! 

In our carpet sessions, we enjoyed exploring the wonders of nature. This time, our curious minds focused on different natural items and how they feel. Our little explorers engaged their senses, touching and observing shells, wood, dried leaves, pebbles, and twigs. It was a fantastic opportunity for them to connect with the world around them and enhance their sensory skills! 

Our class also gave our children the time to talk about their families and share precious memories. They showed us pictures from home and shared stories about special occasions they've celebrated with their loved ones. It's heartwarming to see them express their love and gratitude for their families! 

Week 4

Ahoy, parents and carers! This week at our school, the children had a blast diving into the fascinating world of boats as a means of transportation! They got their hands busy with boat crafts, colouring their very own boats and engaging in boat-related activities. 

In Maths, our young learners delved into the concepts of 'less' and 'more.' They had a whale of a time participating in various group activities to grasp the underlying principles. 

But the excitement didn't stop there! We were incredibly fortunate to host some amazing police officers who joined our school. The children were thrilled to sit in a real-life police car, capturing incredible memories with some fantastic pictures! 

The children's curiosity sparked numerous interesting questions for our police officers. They were brimming with queries like, "Where do you make the bad guys sit in the car?" and "Do you put the bad guys in jail?" It was an incredible experience for our young minds to learn about the role of the police in our community. 

Week 5

This week, our little learners took to the skies as they delved into the wonderful world of airplanes.

As part of their engaging topic on transportation, our children had a blast exploring the thrills and wonders of flying high in the sky!

We had an absolute blast today celebrating NSPCC Number Day with our amazing little mathematicians! 

The excitement was palpable as our students rocked their fabulous number zero costumes and dove into some super fun Maths activities. It was a sight to behold! 

In addition to the fancy dress, our Spanish classes had a fantastic opportunity to reinforce their language skills. Today, our talented students learned how to count from uno to diez!

Week 6

This week, our pupils dove into the vibrant and fascinating world of Chinese culture as we celebrated Chinese New Year! 

Our young learners engaged in a range of exciting activities to immerse themselves in this annual festivity. One of the highlights was creating magnificent dragons! With colourful materials and their artistic skills at play, our students crafted breath taking dragons that would make even the Emperor himself proud! 

To reinforce their understanding of numbers and improve their fine motor skills, our students had a thrilling time during a mark marking session using cars! They zoomed across the paper, leaving their tire tracks as they learned about number formation and improved their handwriting. It was a unique and engaging approach to consolidate their learning while having a blast! 

Celebrating festivals from around the world, like Chinese New Year, is essential in fostering an inclusive educational environment. By exposing our students to different cultures and traditions, we encourage a deeper appreciation for diversity and promote global citizenship. 


Week 7

This week has been all about dental hygiene and exciting construction adventures at our school!

Our little ones had a blast learning about the importance of oral hygiene! They engaged in lively conversations about their tooth brushing routines, sharing when, where, why, and how they brush their teeth. 

We also discovered that everyone had a unique toothbrush - with a range of vibrant colours! To make things even more fun, the children had the chance to clean germs off our fake teeth using a giant toothbrush. It was a hands-on experience that left them fascinated and with a better understanding of the importance of keeping our pearly whites sparkling clean! 

Alongside the dental adventures, our little ones delved into the captivating story of "The Big Yellow Digger." They listened intently and participated in various engaging activities related to construction. 

They worked together as a team to create their very own big digger using recycled materials during our exciting junk modelling session.

In the fine motor area, they skillfully used miniature diggers to pick up big pieces of pasta and small lentils, enhancing their coordination and dexterity.

To further develop their construction-themed skills, they practiced pencil control by tracing and drawing construction objects.

At our school, we believe in creating memorable and interactive learning experiences that ignite curiosity and promote skill development. Our little ones had an absolute blast exploring the world of oral hygiene and construction this week!

Term 2

Week 1

This week has been filled with excitement as we immersed ourselves in the wonderful world of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Our young learners have been captivated by the colourful illustrations and delightful story of a little caterpillar's journey of transformation.

Through interactive storytelling, engaging crafts, and playful activities, our students have not only experienced the joy of reading but also learned valuable lessons about healthy eating and the miraculous process of a caterpillar turning into a beautiful butterfly. 

Week 2

At our school, the children have been getting creative and eco-friendly! 

They've been recycling egg boxes to make their very own caterpillars, inspired by the classic story 'The Hungry Caterpillar'.  What a wonderful way to bring stories to life!

In a delightful carpet session, the children had the chance to taste some of the fruits that the hungry caterpillar munched on. It was a fun and engaging way to explore the story further.

As part of our growing topic, the children have also taken on the responsibility of planting some herbs that they will lovingly look after. What a fantastic hands-on learning experience!

Week 3

The children in Nursery were bursting with excitement as we celebrated World Book Day! They showcased their love for literacy by dressing up as characters from their favourite books. It was truly magnificent to see their creativity and love for reading shine through! 

Heartwarming Mother's Day

Our nursery's Mother's Day session was a sight to behold! We were thrilled to have an incredible turnout of parents and special others. The little ones were elated to sing a special Mother's Day song that they had practiced with so much enthusiasm. Their joy was contagious! 💞🎶

Masterchefs in the Making 

In our cooking session, the children transformed into little culinary maestros! They eagerly mixed, poured, rolled, and cut out their very own cheese scones. To top it off, they proudly took their delicious creations home. We hope the scones tasted as scrumptious as they looked! 

A Visit from a Special Guest

We had an extraordinary visitor in Nursery today – a real turtle! The children couldn't contain their excitement as they had the unique opportunity to observe the turtle up close. They asked plenty of intriguing questions and learned so much from this magical encounter. It was an unforgettable experience!

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