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Eastbury Community School

Reception - Manchester

Welcome to Manchester's Class Page!

We hope you enjoy seeing all we have been up to in class as well as reading key information on our class page. Manchester Class is taught by Mr Hack and Mrs Bansal. Additionally, Mrs Straker is our Teaching Assistant.

We have a true passion for working with our youngest learners and strive to create an environment where your child can grow and thrive while exploring the world around them! We believe a positive early years education experience is essential in creating successful lifelong learners. 

We hope our class page gives you a flavour of life in Manchester Class! 

When we give every child the best start in their early years, we give them what they need today. We also set them up with every chance of success tomorrow. 

Development Matters, 2021

Our Learning Journey 

 Autumn Term 1 

Week 1 & 2

Embarking on the journey of starting school is a fresh adventure, and it can be an apprehensive experience for both our young pupils and their parents. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to ensuring this transition is as seamless as possible.

Our Reception children have been adapting admirably to their new routines, which has been a delightful process for us as we've had the privilege of getting to know both our students and their families. The children have enthusiastically explored their novel learning environments, both indoors and outdoors. They are gradually becoming accustomed to the presence of new adults and are forging new friendships along the way.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with all of you throughout this year and are excited to celebrate each child's unique learning journey.

Week 3

WOW! The first week in Reception has been absolutely fantastic. We're all adjusting smoothly, making new friends, and embracing learning through play. Exploring both indoor and outdoor activities has been incredibly enjoyable. Getting to know each child and their families has truly been a pleasure! 


Week 4

During this week, our initial PE class focused on the exploration of various jumping techniques. We delved into jumps of different styles, encompassing both loud and quiet approaches, mimicking animal jumps. An essential lesson was the significance of maintaining soft knees upon landing. We practiced achieving height and distance in our jumps and put this newfound knowledge and skill to use in an entertaining 'Traffic Light' game. The session was filled with enjoyment! Furthermore, we acquainted ourselves with distinct jump forms like the starfish jump, pencil jump, and knees to chest, relishing the practice of each.

Week 5 

This week, our young learners have been fully engaging with our central book, 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. They have been studying and acting out different segments of the story. Additionally, in the realm of Mathematics, they have been actively organising items into appropriate groupings.


Week 6

What an amazing week of learning it has been! We've delved into comparing and arranging various lengths both inside and outside our classroom. The children are growing more self-assured in employing mathematical terminology. Additionally, they've been venturing into our outdoor surroundings, discovering and placing creepy crawlies in our 'Bug Hotel'.

Black History Month

During Black History Month, Reception class read "Handa's Surprise" by Eileen Browne. This picture book, is recognised as one of the top culturally diverse picture books in the UK, narrates the tale of Handa, a member of the Luo tribe in south-west Kenya.

 Autumn Term 2

Week 1

Supertato! by Sue Hendra

We've had a fantastic week back after the half-term. Supertato has taken our classroom by storm. Sue Hendra's "Supertato" has captured the imaginations of our young readers this week. Out students have been diving into the exciting world of Supertato and his battle against the mischievous Evil Pea. Evil Pea decided to pay a visit to our classroom and caused quite a mess! But our little heroes stepped up and are determined to restore order. 

In Mathematics, out students have been honing their counting skills using a five-frame. This hands-on approach has made learning numbers even more enjoyable! From apples to toys, our young mathematicians have been mastering counting using this interactive tool. 

Join us in celebrating our fantastic first week back! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures and learning opportunities ahead! Evil Pea is on the loose, can you find him? 

Week 2

The Power of Democracy in EYFS - UK Parliament Week 

Our little learners in EYFS have been on an exciting journey exploring the significance of democracy and the value of having a voice. Thanks to our engaging discussions and enlightening videos, the children are now equipped with a better understanding of this fundamental aspect of society.

In our interactive lessons, we dove deep into the concept of democracy, teaching our little ones that every voice matters. We encouraged them to share their thoughts on various topics and air their opinions freely in a safe and inclusive environment. It was heartwarming to witness their enthusiasm and genuine interest in dialogue!

Drumroll, please... and the topic that captured their eyes and hearts was Road Safety

Throughout the voting process, the children demonstrated exceptional attentiveness and initiative. They actively engaged in debates, sharing perspectives, and making their voices heard. It was truly inspiring to see

Together, let's pave the way for a future where every voice is heard! 

It's Raining, Its Pouring!

We couldn't be prouder of our fearless explorers who braved the rain to immerse themselves in our amazing Forest School this week! Despite the weather, our incredible pupils were not deterred and had an absolute blast exploring the wonders of nature. 

To tie in with our current core text, Supertato, the children's creativity shone through as they made mud potions for the notorious Evil Pea! Their imaginations ran wild as they brought this mischievous character to life in the most magical way possible.

The Forest School experience offers our pupils the perfect opportunity to connect with nature, build their confidence, and enhance their understanding of the world around them. 

Week 3

This week, our school community came together to celebrate Children in Need, and what an exciting day it has been! 

Our students enjoyed a wide range of fun activities throughout the day, all in support of this incredible cause. Our school was buzzing with energy and enthusiasm.

In our class assembly, we had the opportunity to discuss the importance of Children in Need and why it matters. It was heart warming to see our young minds understanding the significance of helping those in need and showing such compassion. 

By participating and donating, our school has played a vital role in supporting children and young people across the UK who are facing various challenges. Together, we can make a difference and create positive change in their lives. 

Week 4

This week in Reception, it has been an absolute blast! We ditched the pens and had an exciting 'No Pens Day', embracing interactive learning and creativity. From yoga in class to engaging talking activities, our students have had a week filled with fun and exciting experiences.

In our Maths lessons, we delved into the world of 2D shapes. Our students have been actively exploring shapes in their environment, igniting their curiosity and understanding of the world around them.

Our exploration of shapes has taken us on a journey through the physical world, allowing our students to connect their learning to real-life experiences.

Week 5

This week, our students have been embracing the chilly weather and getting creative both indoors and outdoors! From making mud pies to crafting Christmas trees, there's been no shortage of festive fun at our school.

Our pupils have been excitedly immersing themselves in the holiday spirit by crafting Christmas trees using a variety of materials. It's been wonderful to see the enthusiasm and creativity on display!

In addition to the seasonal crafts, our students have also been enjoying some literary adventures at the school library, where they've had the chance to share their favorite books with secondary pupils.

It's heartwarming to see our school buzzing with festive energy and collaborative spirit. We can't wait to see what other exciting activities lie ahead as we continue to celebrate this magical season!

Week 6

Festive Fun 

It's been an exciting and creative week in Reception as our little ones have been getting into the festive spirit!

We've been busy crafting beautiful Christmas cards and creating unique salt dough items to sell at the upcoming Enterprise Fair. The children have been super imaginative and have had a fantastic time using a variety of materials to bring their creations to life. 

We're hoping our items will be a hit at the fair! It's been wonderful to see our Reception class getting a taste of entrepreneurship and putting their creativity to good use.

We're absolutely loving all the festive activities happening around the school, and it's been heartwarming to see our little ones' enthusiasm and talent shine through. 

Stay tuned for updates on our Enterprise Fair and watch this space for more festive fun coming your way! 

Week 7

EYFS Carol Concert 2023!

Our EYFS children have truly captured the festive spirit with their heart-warming performance at our Christmas Carol Concert! 

From delightful renditions of 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' to toe-tapping fun with 'Jingle Bells', the children captivated the audience with their vocal talents and joyful spirits. 

The Reception children from Essex and Manchester classes impressed everyone with their catchy song 'Skip, Skip, Skippty Hop', while the Nursery children charmed us with their angelic rendition of 'Little Snowflake'. 

A big round of applause to our little stars for their hard work and dedication, which truly shone through in their performance. Added to the festivities, the children adorned their own homemade hats, adding an extra touch of joy and merriment to the concert. We are so proud of our EYFS children and grateful to all the parents and visitors for joining us in celebrating the festive season. 

Post Office Trip

We had an incredible time on our first school trip to the post office today! The children were buzzing with excitement to post their letters to Santa and experience a real-life mailing process.

Each child wrote a heartfelt letter to Santa and today, they got to personally post it in the big red letterbox. Their faces lit up with joy as they watched their letters disappear into the postbox, knowing they were on their way to the North Pole!

It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn about writing letters, stamping envelopes, and understanding how the postal system works. 

This trip was not just about posting letters; it was a real-life learning experience that will stay with our pupils for years to come. 

A massive thank you to the post office staff for their warm welcome and for making this trip an unforgettable learning adventure for our students.

Week 8

As the last day of term approaches, we would like to take a moment to celebrate the end of another successful year and extend our warmest wishes to all the students, staff, and parents who have been a part of our incredible school community. 

This year has been filled with so many fantastic memories, achievements, and personal growth. We are so proud of each and every one of our students for their hard work, dedication, and resilience. 

As we bid farewell to 2023, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! May this festive season be filled with joy, laughter, and love for you and your families. We hope you all have a well-deserved rest and return with renewed energy and enthusiasm when we resume classes in January 2024. 

Thank you all for making this year truly special. We can't wait to embark on new adventures and achievements together in the upcoming year.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and magical holiday season! See you in January 2024! 

Spring Term 1

Week 1

Happy New Year to all our families at Eastbury Community School. We hope you've had a positive start to the new year and have settled back into the school routine. It has been absolutely lovely to see our pupils again and witness their beaming faces. 

This term, we are excited to announce that we will be diving into our new topic, 'On the Move'.

To kick off our new theme, we've been keeping ourselves busy this week. Our talented students have been engaging in various activities, including painting bus stop signs for our vibrant classroom environment. 

Our curious little minds have been pondering the diverse modes of transportation available to us. It has been fascinating to witness the interesting conversations our children have been having with their peers. 

We are eagerly looking forward to embarking on this educational journey with you and your child. Let's explore the wonders of the topic 'On the Move' and learn together this term! 

Week 2

We've had a fantastic start to 2024 with our first full week of learning! 

Core Text: We've dug into the wonderful world of "Naughty Bus" by Jan Oke. Our imaginative pupils have created story maps, bringing the adventures of the mischievous bus to life! 

On the Move: Our new topic has taken us on a journey through time! We've been comparing past and present modes of transport, discovering how travel has evolved over the years. 

Mathematical Adventures: Our clever mathematicians have been busy learning about positional language. They've been placing teddy bears in different positions, enhancing their spatial awareness skills. 

Braving the Cold: Despite the chilly weather, our students have been brave explorers in our Forest School. They filled up containers with water and left them out overnight. To their amazement, the water froze, teaching them a valuable lesson about the power of nature! 

It's been an incredible week full of excitement and discoveries. We are proud of our pupils' dedication and enthusiasm for learning! We can't wait to see what next week holds in store for us. Stay tuned for more updates on our Class Web Page! 

Week 3

During this cold and icy week, we've had a great time in Reception!

Staying Safe with NSPCC: We kicked off the week with a fantastic class assembly led by NSPCC, where our children had the opportunity to discuss everything about safety. It's important for us to educate our pupils about staying safe, and this assembly was a brilliant way to do just that! 

Exploring the Concept of Zero in Maths: In our maths sessions, the children have been diving into the intriguing world of numbers and discovering the concept of zero. It's incredible to see their faces light up as they unravel the mysteries of this essential mathematical milestone. 

On the Move Theme: As part of our theme, 'On the Move,' the children had a blast creating a life-size class bus that will proudly be displayed in our classroom. It's astonishing to witness their creativity and teamwork as they bring their imaginative ideas to life!

Week 4

We had an exciting week here at Eastbury, as part of our topic "On the Move". The Police paid us a visit, and it was so cool to see their van right in our playground! 

The children were incredibly curious and had the chance to ask the Police officers all sorts of questions about their important job. It was fantastic to see their little minds buzzing with intrigue. 

Continuing with our topic, we also explored various modes of transport from different countries. We pinned them on our world map, discovering the endless possibilities of transportation across the globe. 

Additionally, the children had an absolute blast creating their very own kites using an array of materials! From colorful fabrics to sparkling ribbons!

Week 5

This Week at Our School: Fun with Mr Gumpy's Outing and Number Day! 

Hey everyone! It's been an exciting and eventful week at our school. Let's catch you up on all the fantastic activities and fun we've had!

We've been on a literary adventure this week, diving into the wonderful world of the story "Mr Gumpy's Outing"! Our students have been using their imagination and sequencing skills to map out the exciting journey Mr Gumpy and his animal friends took. We even had some outstanding watercolour paintings to bring the story to life! 

Creativity was in full bloom this week as our students unleashed their artistic abilities!  From colourful collages to mesmerising artwork, they've truly amazed us with their talent. It's incredible to witness the endless possibilities when young minds are given the freedom to create. 

To wrap up the week on a numeric note, we celebrated Number Day in collaboration with NSPCC!  Our students rocked the day by dressing up as the number 'zero'. From stylish zero-themed outfits to zero-shaped accessories, they showcased their love for numbers in the most awesome way possible!

Week 6

What an exciting week it has been! We have been immersing ourselves in the vibrant and enchanting culture of the Chinese New Year. Our pupils have been learning about the traditions, customs, and fascinating stories behind this significant celebration. From creating beautiful artwork to exploring delicious recipes, our students have truly embraced the spirit of the Chinese New Year!

At Eastbury Community School, we believe in nurturing the holistic development of our pupils. That's why physical education plays a fundamental role in our curriculum! This week, our students have been honing their coordination skills through exciting physical activities. From energetic races to fun ball games, our P.E. lessons have filled our students with enthusiasm and a healthy competitive spirit. 

Week 7

This week at our school, we've had a fantastic time celebrating Pancake Day and spreading the love for Valentine's Day! 

In our cookery session, the pupils got their aprons on and whipped up their very own pancakes. But that's not all! Our creative zone was buzzing with excitement as the pupils created beautiful Valentine's cards for their loved ones. Using their imaginations and crafting skills, they designed heartfelt messages adorned with colourful hearts, and all things lovely. 

In addition to the sweet festivities, our little artists indulged in their boundless creativity this week. They explored the world of perfumes, mixing captivating scents and concocting unique fragrances. And, in our writing activities, we stepped into the adventurous world of Mr Gumpy, where pupils let their imaginations run wild by crafting their very own stories inspired by this beloved character! 

We've had an incredible week filled with delicious pancakes, heartfelt cards, captivating fragrances, and imaginative storytelling.

As we bid adieu for now, we wish you all a fantastic half-term break! 

Spring Term 2

Week 1

This week, our little explorers dived into the exciting world of mini beasts and their habitats! The children had a fantastic time working together to create a life-sized ladybug, using their creativity and teamwork skills. It was truly inspiring to see them learn and bond in this hands-on activity.

In the world of maths, our students have been busy exploring number bonds and discovering the various ways to make the number 6. Through practical and interactive learning, they are mastering fundamental mathematical concepts with enthusiasm and confidence!

By integrating fun and interactive activities into our lessons, we are fostering a love for learning and igniting curiosity in our students. Hands-on experiences like these inspire a passion for knowledge that extends far beyond the classroom.

Week 2

This Week in Reception: Exploring Oliver's Vegetables and Celebrating Girls Football Day!

Reception Update
This week in Reception, our talented little ones put their creative hats on and embarked on an exciting adventure in the world of Oliver's Vegetables! From creating their very own story maps to learning about different types of veggies, their imaginations were truly brought to life! 

Vegetable Print Painting
To add a splash of color to their veggie-filled journey, our budding artists had a blast exploring vegetable print painting! It was amazing to witness their creativity flourish as they transformed humble fruits and veggies into stunning works of art! 

Girls Football Day 
We were thrilled to see all our brilliant girls sporting their football kits to celebrate Girls Football Day! It was a joyful and empowering sight, as they kicked goals, honed their skills, and showed the world that girls can do anything they set their minds to!

Science Week Kick-Off 
To kick-start Science Week, our curious learners immersed themselves in a captivating science workshop! It was a whirlwind of experiments, discoveries, and mind-boggling facts that left everyone astounded! 

Week 3

This week has been filled with exciting adventures and heartwarming moments for our children in Manchester Class! Let's highlight some of the incredible experiences we had together. 

Turtle Visit

One of the highlights of our week was the delightful visit from Oreo the Turtle! Our children had a fantastic time observing a real-life turtle up close. The joy and wonder on their faces were truly priceless! Thank you to Mrs Straker for arranging such a unique and educational experience.

Trip to ASDA

We believe that learning should go beyond the classroom, and our trip to ASDA proved just that! Our children had the incredible opportunity to explore the supermarket and discover a world of fresh fruits and vegetables. They got hands-on experience in selecting the best produce and understanding the importance of a healthy diet. It was a valuable trip that truly brought learning to life! 

Soup Making Adventure

After our exciting trip to ASDA, we put our newly acquired knowledge to delicious use! We used the vibrant vegetables we bought to create a scrumptious and nutritious soup together. Our students not only enjoyed the process of preparing the soup but also learned about different vegetables and the joy of cooking as a team. Thumbs up to all our budding chefs! 

Celebrating Mother's Day

To end our incredible week on a high note, we celebrated Mother's Day with overflowing love and appreciation. It was heartwarming to see so many happy faces as our children showed their gratitude and love. We believe in nurturing strong bonds between school and home, and Mother's Day provided a perfect opportunity to celebrate the incredible women who play such a vital role in our pupils' lives. Thank you, mums, for everything you do!

Week 4

Science Week

What an awesome week we've had exploring the wonders of science with our fantastic grown-ups! We had a blast diving into all sorts of fun activities together, sparking curiosity and discovery at every turn.

First up, we tackled the icy challenge at our ice station, where we put our heads together to free some toys trapped inside frozen balloons. Then, we got our green thumbs ready at the planting station, where we planted seeds to take home and watch grow into amazing plants like pumpkins, peas, and beans! 

But wait, there's more! We got magnetic at our materials testing station, experimenting with what sticks and what doesn't, and delving into the mysterious world of magnets. 

Over at the flower station, we became plant detectives, using magnifying glasses and tools to dissect plants and flowers and discover their secrets. 

And who could forget the rainbow skittle investigation? We witnessed colors come to life before our eyes!

To all our grown-ups who joined us, thank you for sharing in the excitement of science exploration. Together, we made learning an adventure!

Week 5

Wow, can you believe it's already the last week of term? Time sure flies when you're having fun! We wrapped up the term with a bang, celebrating Easter in style with loads of egg-citing activities!

From an awesome achievement assembly where we celebrated all the incredible things our pupils have accomplished, to a fabulous Easter Bonnet parade where we got to showcase our creative masterpieces, it was a blast from start to finish! 

We were blown away by the amazing creations our students came up with – you guys are seriously talented! Now it's time to kick back, relax, and enjoy a well-deserved break with family and friends. 

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter break filled with fun, laughter, and plenty of chocolate eggs! See you refreshed and ready to rock in the new term! 

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