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Eastbury Community School

Year 1 - York


Hello everyone and welcome to our class page!

In our class, we have thirty brilliant, curious and hardworking children who are supported in their learning by an outstanding Year 1 team and very supportive parents. 

We are excited to share our page with you and we hope you enjoy being a part of all the wonderful learning we do!

Our class values of willingness, ambition, resilience, respect, enthusiasm and never giving up, permeate the life of our school, with staff, pupils and parents working and learning together, sharing a common aim for all our children to be the best that they can be in our journey of building tomorrow, today. 

With best wishes, 

Mrs Bisht, Miss Siddique and Mrs Akram

Welcome Meeting

y1 welcome meeting.pdf

 Curriculum Overview

year 1 curriculum overview.pdf

 Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2

year 1 spring 2 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Spring 1

Autumn 2

year 1 autumn 2 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Autumn 1

Autumn 1

Week 1: Transition week./docs/Y1_Welcome_Meeting-_Final.pptx

York class have had an amazing start to year 1. They have all settled in extremely well.

As a team, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone! All the children have loved getting stuck into a range of activities.

The children designed 'Under the Sea' creatures using glitter, tissue paper, pom poms and colourings. This art work will be displayed in our book corner. We have some very talented artists in year 1!

Artists hard at work!


The children have loved continuing building on their fine motor skills through the use of bead threading. We have also enjoyed exploring simple addition and subtraction using number lines and cubes.

Week 2 - All Things Rainbow

Wow! What an amazing week York class have had. We have been creating our own rainbow poems and to end the week, we switched on our creative minds and produced beautiful rainbows using finger printing! We all had lots of fun sharing our lovely art work with each other.


Week 3 - Computing Enthusiasts

York class have been busy doing lots and lots of learning! On Tuesday they were all able to log in to laptops using their OWN usernames and passwords. They also very successfully navigated their way into iLearn2 website to practice using the trackpad! I must say, I was very impressed! It was a huge achievement for everyone! Well done York class!

Week 4 - Wonderful Speakers

York class have been busy delving into Elmer! This week they spent time to practice and perform different parts of the story! 




Week 5 - Similarities and Differences 

York class are a diverse group of young children! Full of different and special personalities! In PSHE, we learnt about our similarities and differences by writing about the different things we like and enjoy but also things we don't! It was interesting to see how we are all so united but individuals at the same time! /docs/Week_5_wow_moment.docx

Week 6 - We Love Science

We have had such a fun week exploring wind! We explored wind in the different seasons and how it changes depending on temperature and place. York class had a fantastic time creating wind socks to measure the direction of the wind in the playground. Which direction do you think the wind travelled in?


Autumn 2

Week 1

This week, York class went on a visit to our local church, St Margaret's. Once there, they were told about the history of the church and how important it is to Barking's history. We even found out that Captain Cook (the explorer who founded Australia and New Zealand) was married here back in 1762. 


We had the opportunity to explore the church looking for stained glass windows, figurines and even a dragon!


Week 2

This week in Science we have been exploring different materials. We had the opportunity to feel the different objects, decide what material they were and then we discussed how they felt and used the best scientific words we could!

 UK Parliament Week

This week it is UK Parliament Week so we have been learning what it means to vote. We discussed two issues that affect our local area - litter and road safety - and then cast our own vote, just like our parents do. 

Votes will be counted on Monday and then we will decide how we can campaign to improve things for all our families.

Week 3 

This week it was Anti-Bullying week and we were very lucky to get a visit from the Secondary School Council who delivered an assembly on what this means. We also discussed 'Friendship' and what it means.


 Week 4

We celebrated World Children's Day on Monday 20th November by allowing the children to take over the classroom and become teachers for the afternoon. They took parts of lessons, they took the register and even did some marking. The children had great fun learning about the rights of children and drew the rights all over the playground in chalk.


Week 6


This week we had a visit from Childnet who talked to us about being safe online and how we can make sure we are protected when we are online playing with our friends. 

Spring 1

York class have settled into Spring term extremely well. We have an exciting term ahead. 

As a team, we will focus on praising children's work and sharing 'good examples of work' on Dojo. We will be encouraging children to take pride in the presentation of their work, focusing on their handwriting and sentence structure. We strongly recommend parent's also practise this at home with their children too.  

In Maths we are looking at patterns, shapes and comparing measurements. In English we are reading 'The Day the Crayon's Quit'. Please feel free to read this book daily at home. 

Here is a great example of what to expect in Year 1. 

Image preview

This is the amazing work that we look forward to this term.  

 Week 5

 The children had a great week writing their story for the Story telling week. They made up a boxed up plan and then wrote a story on 'The Rainbow Fish'.

In phonics, the children had been learning about the 'ow' sound. One sound but different ways to write it. The children had been exposed to different words as they wrote the words with the 'ow, ou' sounds.

 In science, the children had been learning about materials. They made their own umbrellas using different materials which is best for the umbrella. 

In maths, the children enjoyed the explore task and did lots of number activities. They also gave a go at making their rap with number 1.

 Week 6

The children had a great week learning their story with actions for the TALK FOR WRITE. They are reading - The day the crayons quit.

In science, the children were excited to observe the puddles as we are learning about puddles and their sizes.

In maths, the children had been using different resources to showcase the numbers up to 20.

In computing, the children are learning to create the comix strip.



 Week 7

 The children enjoyed their week.

In English we had been doing different tasks related to our book  'The day the crayons quit.' 

In science, they had been learning about puddles and their sizes. This week again we went to see the same puddle but it was not there anymore. Children learnt about water is a material.

In maths, they had been focussing on more than and less  than. The children had been comparing the numbers using dienes and also using number lines to get the answers.

In PE they are learning about the attention and focus skills.

In RE, the children had been learning about Sikhism and the 5 K's. They looked t the artefacts and discussed about it.

Spring 2

Week 1

The children were very happy to come back after their break and meet their friends. 

In phonics, they continued to learn the 'oo' sound and the different ways they write the 'oo' sound.

In science , the children are learning about their body and the changes they can see when they were baby to their current age. They enjoyed and were thrilled look at some of their and their peers baby picturesw.

In indoor PE, the children are learning gymnastics. They were learning balancing this week.

In English, the children have started new topic, 'Lost and Found'. The children are learning T4W map and the related activities.

In maths , the children are learning the additon and subtraction word problem and different ways t get to the answer.

In computers, the children are learning all about the 3D design.

The children are lucky to have Sixth form coming to read to them every Wednesday. They enjoy and wait for them.


Week 3

This week, the children were learning how to solve word problems (Addition and Subtraction). The children have been using various ways to find out the answers like Part whole model, Number line, Number sentences and used different manipulatives.

The children had been learning all about medicines in PSHE. They looked at the different pictures of medicine and has a discussion with their partners.

In PE, they are learning how to balance themselves as they are on the path to master Gymnastics. 

The children celebrated the World's book day where they explored lot of different activities like Book review and Making their own books. 

In Science, the children got an opportunity to take part in science activities.

In English, the children are focussing on the book 'LOST AND FOUND' and are learning T4W actions for the story. They have been exposed to Expanded Noun Phrase, Adjective and prepositions as a part of their grammar.

Week 4

The children enjoyed the science week where they did lots of experiments throughout the week. The children had a display of their work and experiments on Friday for their parents(22/03/24). 

In maths the children had been learning about multiplication. They started learning about making equal groups.

In Phonics, they had been learning the 'oo' sound as in 'book' 'should' and 'full'. 

In DT, the children had been learning about different toys and their users. They had been busy designing the toys. 




 Summer 1

This week our week started with a fun school trip to the Toy museum.

The children were very sensible while using the public transportation. They saw many toys of past and present. They had been learning about it in 'DT'.

In science the children had been learning about plants and parts of the plant. They went to the secondary gardening area to have a look at the plants.

The children had the Eid party this week and did lots of activities related to Eid. 

In English the children are learning the new story' Three Billy Goats Gruff' and had been learning the actions for the talk for write map.

In Maths, the children are learning about multiplication and making equal  groups.





Summer 2