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Eastbury Community School

Year 2 - Cardiff

 Hello everyone and

welcome to our class page!

Cardiff Class is an exciting place to learn! 

In our class, we have thirty brilliant, enthusiastic, talented and hardworking children, who are supported in their learning by an outstanding Year 2 team and very supportive parents. 

Our class values of willingness, ambition, resilience, respect, enthusiasm and never giving up, permeate the life of our school, with staff, pupils and parents working and learning together, sharing a common aim for all our children to be the best that they can be in our journey of building tomorrow, today. 

I hope our class page gives you a flavour of life in Cardiff Class! 

With best wishes,

Mrs Savage, Mrs Bibi and Mrs Khan

Welcome Meeting


 Spring Meeting

y2 spring meeting.pdf

Summer 1

 Spring 2

Week 5

Year 2 Trip to St Paul’s Cathedral

This half term Year 2 have been learning all about The Great Fire of London and what an incredible trip we had recently! Year 2 embarked on a breath-taking adventure to visit the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral. The day was filled with excitement, wonder, and great behaviour.

The tour was simply amazing! We explored every nook and cranny of the stunning cathedral, learning about its rich history and architectural marvels. We even had the opportunity to climb up to the very top of the building, where we were rewarded with panoramic views of the cathedral below. It was an experience none of our students will ever forget.

But what made this trip truly special was the exemplary behaviour displayed by our pupils. Their conduct was nothing short of exceptional. They listened attentively to our guide, asked intelligent questions, and showed respect towards the cathedral and its surroundings. It was wonderful to witness how well-behaved and courteous our students were throughout the entire excursion.

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the children for their outstanding behaviour and our amazing parent volunteers. They not only represented our school admirably, but they also made the trip enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved. Well done!


Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Cardiff class had an amazing World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite story characters, had a special assembly and did lot of different activities such as making a bookmark and writing our own book.

Week 1


Year 2 had an amazing workshop come in to complete a Fire of London Workshop with us. We learnt so many interesting facts and participated in lots of different activities.

 Spring 1

Week 6

For our reading lesson we worked in small groups to answer questions together. Teamwork and collaboration are really important skills to learn and part of the learning process.

Week 5

Cardiff Class loves their toots lessons. Watch us practise with Ms Radvilla. We have all been working really hard and are proud of how far we have come so far this year.




 Week 4

For our English lessons we have been writing non-chronological reports about The Arctic, Jungle and Dessert. We learn all the features by completing our Talk4Writing map. This helps us to learn the facts and everything we need to include whilst writing. Ask us to practise it at home. :)

Week 3

In Maths our topic was Temperature. We were learning to accurately read a thermometer by checking the temperature of different cups of water.

Week 2

During PSHE we discussed what hazards we might find in the house. We worked in groups and to identify where there may be a risk and why.

Week 1

Here we are playing our toots and learning how to sing - "I want to be in a band!".

Autumn 2

Week 7 : pizza making 

Week 6- Enterprise Week 

Step 1: Designing our Candles 

Week 6 : Childnet 

We had an internet safety assembly today and really enjoyed the story about how to keep safe online. 


Week 5 

No PENS DAY : English Lesson : News Reports












NO PENS DAY : Maths Lesson= Board Game Fun

Week 5 ART And DT- Creating Pizza Boxes

Week 4

Humanities - Timeline lesson 

We created a timeline for Queen Elizabeth the second using facts around the room.



Children’s Day

 We celebrated World Children's Day on Monday 20th November by allowing the children to take over the classroom and become teachers for the afternoon. They took parts of lessons, they took the register and even did some marking. The children had great fun learning about the rights of children and drew the rights all over the playground in chalk.

Huud taking the register and giving Dojos 



Week 3


For Diwali we created Diva lamps out of clay and decorated them with jewels and gems!

The children had so much fun making these. 

 RE - We have been looking at stories in the Bible. We created a craft to show the story of Jesus calming the storm.  

Anti Bullying Week:

We had children from the secondary come over and do an Anti- Bullying assemblies for the Year 1 and Year 2 cohorts. 

Week 2

Parliament Week

For parliament week we created posters to remind people to keep London clean and tidy. 

Remembrance Day

Some of our Year 2's have been making fabulous Poppies. 


WOW MOMENT - Journal of the Week 


Food Tasting - DT

dt food tasting.pdf

Week 1


Muaz has been using an app called CLICKER to help develop his writing. These are his sentences that he created and wrote. 


We have been exploring and researching how pizzas are made. The children spent the lesson answering questions so that they could present their ideas. 













Our Tate Modern Trip


 Autumn 1 

Week 7

End of School Reading Sessions and Black History Month

Week 6


In RE we used role play to understand stories and parables that Jesus shared with Christian followers.











We have been trialling a new Maths journaling task in Cardiff class. Instead of journalling once a week, we have been doing it in every lesson. This is really helping us to show our working out and to present lots of different methods. We have been trying to get Dojo's for having the neatest journal every day!


JOINT Year 2 Special PE session 

We merged the classes to do a special circuit carousel lesson. We had children in the gym doing a work out, we had a group practicing their key dodging skills and we had a group playing games and working on their team building skills. 



Week 5

 Science - this half term we have been doing weekly experiments. This week we were practicing printing and looking to see whether man made or natural objects would make the best objects to print. 


Week 4 

Poem of the Half Term : NING NANG NONG







Week 3


We did a group investigation at our tables to enquire which material was the most waterproof. We tested paper, card and plastic. We concluded that plastic was the most waterproof and that is why umbrellas and raincoats are made from this material. 



In Phonics we have been classifying the EE sound. We have been looking at different spellings that the EE sound can make. 




We have been fantastic at learning our talk map. We have been reading through this daily and adding actions to help us recall the story. The story we are looking at is Peace At Last. 


Week 2


This week we have been getting to know our new PE coach, Josh. We have been practicing our dodging skills by playing different games such as Stuck in the Mud and Bulldog. These skills are going to help us move our bodies in different directions and avoid bumping into our classmates. These skills will later be transferred into bigger games like Football, Basketball etc. 


Week 1: Transition Week

As a class we came up with some rules that we should have in the classroom to help be the best class that we can be. To sign our class charter we wrote our goals and added this to our class charter. 


year 2 curriculum overview.pdf

Knowledge Organisers 

Summer 1

year 2 summer 1 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Spring 2

year 2 spring 2 knowledge organisers.pdf

 Spring 1

ko spring term 1 year 2 1 .pdf

 Autumn 2 

knowledge organisers.pdf

 Autumn 1